About us


Monoina strives to introduce quality Japanese goods that can make your life a little better and feel lifted in an ordinary day.
Nowadays, things are just about everywhere,
but the things that you really care are more likely handmade,
belonged to you for a long time,
or have particular memory with them.
For instance, a pottery that we carry is made one by one with potters wheels.
It seems each one looks similar yet slightly different which makes it special and gives warm feeling about it.
It is made of dirt which is not the strongest of materials,
but because of that I carefully handle.
And as I use it, it is seasoned, and makes me love it more.

There are so many beautifully made goods in Japan.
The technique has been passed on through generations,
and there are certain things that only master can produce.
However, reality is makers are struggling.
Many don’t have successor to pass on their skill.
They are struggling to find sales channel,
and cheaper mass produced goods are invading the market.

We Monoina is trying to help change the situation by expanding their market to the world.
We believe Japanese goods are fantastic,
but they have not been introduced yet to the right people.
We become the bridge between Japanese producers and foreign customers.


No. 17, Alley 66, Lane 79, Section 1, Xiangshang Road, West District., Taichung City 40358



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Head office

6-3-1 Jogandori Ichinomiya-city Aichi,491-0063,Japan

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