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by Tsuda Ryo

Tamba is surrounded by small hump-like mountains. The time we visited was in the middle of autumn, and beautiful rice and black bean fields were spreading. The Tamba region originally has fertile soil where crops grow well, and it seems that very delicious crops will grow. In addition to the best black soybeans in the world, delicious items such as chestnuts and matsutake mushrooms are sold here and there.

Although it is such a Tamba, it is also very famous as a production center for pottery. It was the first time for me to have such a large-scale production area, with the longest climbing kiln in Japan and a well-established directly managed store for each kiln.

Kokochiya is located in the south of the Tamba ware area, and the shop is run by the wife of the writer, Mr. Ichino. The style is cute and the colors are very beautiful, so when his wife is standing in the shop, he is often mistaken for a writer. The two people who talk about Kokochiya with such a joke have a very soft and gentle atmosphere.

Mr. Ichino's family has a kiln from his grandfather, and his grandfather, father, Mr. Ichino, and all three have separate kilns in Tamba, which is like a thoroughbred ceramic art. Actually, Ichino's son was also a potter, and I was surprised that he is now making pottery in Ehime.

"Ceramic art is also passed down and inherited. Therefore, if young people think that my work is good and use it, it will be passed on to the next generation." Ceramic art has been passed down since I was little. I thought it was an idea unique to Mr. Ichino, who is familiar and has something that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Another thing to be careful about when making pottery by Kokochiya is not only pottery as a cooking utensil, but also pottery as a cooking tool. The mortar that doesn't scatter is made deep so that the sesame seeds don't fly. The clay pot is also an authentic school that uses Iga soil firmly. The sharp and non-dripping soy sauce bottle covers the itchy part when cooking.

I had a selfish imagination that I might come up with such an idea because I have a wife who is good at cooking. Also, because I was born and raised in Tamba, where there are plenty of delicious foods, I felt that I was close to having delicious food.

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