Visit artist
”Takumi Miyazaki”

by Tsuda Ryo

Miyazaki-san's workshop and house that I visited during the fresh green season. Located in the mountains of Nagano prefecture, it is overgrown with greenery and has a very pleasant atmosphere.

This was my second visit, and this time I was allowed to see various places other than pottery making. The back of the house is immediately covered with mountains. Rather, the house is in the mountains, so we ask you to guide us to the back mountains.

When I walk through the forests of planted larch and natural forests such as chestnuts, walnuts, and oaks, the tension naturally rises. .. Living in the mountains surrounded by nature has wonderful scenery, stars, and natural water. However, because of natural disasters and the fact that things that can be easily procured in urban areas cannot be easily procured, I felt that it was necessary to have the art of living and the power to live.

Since there is no restaurant for rice, it is necessary to have the spirit of making what you want to eat and making what you need, and I envy Miyazaki-san who lives like that, and I respect him very much. I will do it. I heard a very valuable story for me, who vaguely wishes to live in such a mountain in the future.

All of Miyazaki's vessels are fired in a wood-fired kiln, and in fact, Miyazaki himself cuts down the wood with an ax and uses it after drying it for about a year. There are many writers who make pottery using a wood-fired kiln, but I think there are very few writers who do everything from the state of a standing tree. I feel that Mr. Miyazaki, who lives in the mountains, also values the natural circulation of logging and using trees to preserve the mountains.

I was also shown the wood-fired kiln, but after all this kiln is also handmade. He said that the texture that has been used for many years has become good, and that he will use it while fixing it even if he feels sick. Even with other writers, the wood-fired kilns are quite self-made, and I think it is a natural feeling for people involved in making things to make and use something that suits them.

The natural scenery that changes with the seasons, I'm sure it will be autumn, but I'm looking forward to seeing nature while meeting Mr. Miyazaki.


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