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There're so many kinds of tableware in the world. Among all, why did you select the one as your company for the daily use ? What makes it special to you? Let's have a look at them!
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Let’s share your favorite kitchenware! We’ll be so pleased to receive your answers for the question items and a square image of your kitchenware by e-mail. We may trim the image and make it square if it’s not.
  • 1. Katsurako
    2. Forties
    3. Picture Book Artist
    4. Aichi
    5. Gifu
    6. This is my earlier work when I started making pottery. There’re lot’s of memory in this, I treasure this mug very much.
    7. I remenber making color layer wasn’t easy. I like natural things such as lion and dandelion.
  • 1. Mipo
    2. Forties
    3. Coordinator
    4. Aichi
    5. Aichi
    6. The glaze contains ash of sakura tree. So it's subtly pink and I love this color.
    7. It was broken into two pieces when I moved house. now it's reapired with kintsugi - gold joinery, look even more bbeeautiful than before.
  • 1. Tako
    2. Thirties
    3. Potter
    4. Okayama
    5. Okayama
    6. A Chestnut wood bowl hand-carved by Yoshiichi Shibata. I bought this 7 or 8 years ago.
    7. I use this bowl for soup. I like this unintentional style.
  • 1. Brenda
    2. 30+
    3. someone work in operational department
    4. Shenzhen Guangdong
    5. Somewhere in Guangdong
    6. "Tea cup which with lotus shape (padmasana)”: bought from a simple but elegant store which selling tea set in Shenzhen, year 2017 “Golden Spoon”: One of my intimate friends sent me a holiday gift in spring 2018, this spoon comes with the gift itself (Oolong tea), and then tea finished, left this high quality spoon. “Small plate (with floral pattern)”: Bought in Jing De Zhen long time ago, like year 2008.
    7. I keep buying various table wares each year, buy for myself or send to my friends as gifts. As I believe delicious foods is not the only way to comfort our heart, elegant table wares are also important and needed in daily life. Those unique mess kits which come along with stories will be kept for quite a long time by me. Today I share with you guys these three little things is because they have been provided me a lots of amazing afternoon tea times. Hope you like them also. Plate and Spoon are used for cakes (or other desserts, I like chocolate taste), tea cup for tea.
  • 1. Mu
    2. Forties
    3. House Repairing
    4. Tokyo
    5. Gunma
    6. It's come as a free gift when I bought a carton of Kinmiya Shochu. There's a Kinmiya mark on it.
    7. This is jsut the right size for me. I love Kinmiya Shochu!
  • 1. Shimeji
    2. Forties
    3. Landscape Gardening
    4. Chiba
    5. Chiba
    6. This old plate was found in an old storage and going to be thrown away when it was dismantled. I picked this up because I thought it was too beautiful to be abandoned.
    7. This has become my favorite plate as I like bright colors like parrot green and pink so much.
  • 1. CNP
    2. Thirties
    3. Graphic Designer
    4. Tokyo
    5. Chiba
    6. I bought this at an exhibition of a potter friend of mine. I have more of his pottery. He always brings his new one when he visits me from Okayama.
    7. Looks gorgeous when tomato is on this bowl. There is some grinding lines inside, so I can use it to grind foods a bit like a mortar. I like this bowl very much.
  • 1. Nakajima
    2. Sixties
    3. Landscape Gardening
    4. Chiba
    5. Chiba
    6. These Kiyomizu were belonged to my master of Landscape Gardening. His wife sent them to me and I took over them when he passed away.
    7. I feel so grateful for that she asked me to take care what my master; her husband used to love so much. They look similar but made by different potter and made in different time periods. There’s some feminine atmosphere and it was new to me that he had a taste for it. Japanese style boiled foods look really beautiful on them.
  • 1. Toto Rojiburi
    2. age 38
    3. Travelling salesman
    4. Ome, Tokyo
    5. Australia
    6. A wooden fork from a friend about 1 hour ago.
    7. Haven’t used yet, but looking forward to using it to eat udon tonight!
  • 1. Jabba the Hut
    2. Forties
    3. Aircraft design engineer
    4. Aichi
    5. Okayama
    6. This is a Baccarat grass that I bought from Suntory's website several years ago. I often shop online.
    7. I enjoy whiskey with this grass on special occasions. It's fun to flight different kinds of whiskey at home.
  • 1. Arisa
    2. Thirties
    3. Office clerk
    4. Nagoya
    5. Nagoya
    6. This is a present from my friend. I got this three years ago.
    7. I usually use this mug when I'm relaxed on my day off. This has a good capacity for both of drink and soup. This gentle pink always helps me unwind.
  • 1. Zhong
    2. Thirties
    3. working for a logistics company
    4. Guangdong, China
    5. Guangdong, China
    6. I bought this at a shop when I was transferred from Shanghai branch to Guangzhou branch.
    7. I usually select tableware which is light weight and painted with pretty pictures. They make the food look more gorgeous, even the smell and the taste get better, I feel.
  • 1. Youta
    2. Thirty
    3. Cleaning appliances company
    4. Niigata
    5. Niigata
    6. I bought it in a gift shop in my town which is busted already.
    7. This mug has a cold insulation function. My job requires much physical power and I need to drink icy cold beer first thing after talking a shower when I come back home.
  • 1. Takizawa
    2. 34 years old
    3. Sales for an parts manufacturer
    4. Nagoya
    5. Yamagata
    6. I won the bid at Yahoo Auction in 2014.
    7. This design come from a certain coffee shop's paper cup. If I buy a cup of coffee and take it away, it costs 300 yen everyday. It means I can save 100,000 yen per a year if I make coffee by myself. The coffee get tastier when I think in this way.
  • 1. Cui
    2. 31 years old
    3. House wife
    4. Nagoya
    5. Dandong, Liaoning province, China
    6. This is a gift from my old colleagues.
    7. They (it was my first working place in Japan) gave this to me on my first birthday in Japan. This is so cute that I've been using it to drink water since then.
  • 1. Saruco
    2. Fourties
    3. Office worker
    4. Aichi Pref.
    5. Kyoto
    6. My mom's Swedish friend sent it to her decades ago, and she gave it to me recently.
    7. It’s thick and sturdy glass but the relief is so delicate and looks innocent. The wider side is about 40cm broad. It makes the table gorgeous when we have special dinner and invite friends.
  • 1. Mi-chan
    2. Thirties
    3. Flutist
    4. Aichi Pref.
    5. Saitama Pref.
    6. It was given from my mom when I got married.
    7. We often have parties at home. This one has a big capacity and good for serving for everyone.
  • 1. Chubby runner
    2. Thirties
    3. Office worker
    4. Aichi Pref.
    5. Aichi Pref.
    6. My wife and daughter gave me on Father’s Day last year.
    7. A message “Thank you, Dad” is engraved on the bottom. I’m so happy that I always use this for any drinks.
  • 1. Pan
    2. age 66
    3. House wife
    4. North East China
    5. Kanagawa
    6. I bought it because I wanted something from overseas.
    7. It’s made by Minton, UK.
  • 1. Chibiko
    2. Sixties
    3. Unemployed
    4. Akita
    5. Akita
    6. I bought it at lightning speed when I found it at a gift shop. I loooove cat.
    7. I use it for coffee break.
  • 1. AS
    2. Thirties
    3. Interior Designer
    4. Tokyo
    5. I was born in Nagano, brought up in Nagoya
    6. They are given to me from my mom. She bought them in Germany more than 20 years ago.
    7. I love them and treat them as treasure, then I hardly use them. I use them to drink luxury alcohol drinks occasionally. This is one of the tableware that I want to cherish for long. Because I’ve been looking for the similar one when I travel around the world, but can’t find.
  • 1. Kako
    2. Seventies
    3. House wife
    4. Tochigi
    5. Tokyo
    6. I bought them when I traveled in Germany.
    7. They remind me of the days in there.
  • 1. Yoko
    2. Sixties
    3. House wife
    4. Kagawa
    5. Tokyo
    6. A present from my deceased father.
    7. This is Arita porcelain. I drink coffee with this cup. I miss my father when I use this.
  • 1. Pineapple Papa
    2. Thirties
    3. English teacher
    4. Aichi
    5. Scotland
    6. I received it as a present at the party in the school.
    7. It's my red wine cup. I love the mix of traditional pottery with a modern design.
  • 1. Kaiju
    2. Age Three
    3. Playboy
    4. Aichi
    5. Aichi
    6. This is the very first tableware he chose by himself.
    7. He uses this when eats Japanese meal and thinks it’s important and special.
  • 1. Anne
    2. Seventies
    3. House Wife
    4. Nigata
    5. Saitama
    6. This is a work of my teacher of a pottery class. She sent it to me about 10 years ago. She was a really nice teacher.
    7. I serve boiled dishes and yogurt on this bowl. I think these hand painted red fishes are so lovely. There are also another two fishes inside. They’re baby Channel Rockfish, maybe? There were more pieces but they were all broken and this is the last one. It has a crack but it’s no problem to use. I intend to use this very carefully to last for long.
  • 1. monokoto
    2. Fourties
    3. English teacher
    4. Kani, Gifu
    5. Ena, Gifu
    6. I made this in Tajimi city about 5 years ago.
    7. I serve something sweet on this plate, like cookies and sweet red bean rice cakes. Mismatching of sweet food and octopus sashimi makes me chuckle.
  • 1. Hiroshi Hanzawa
    2. -
    3. Potter
    4. Tajimi city, Gifu
    5. Hokkaido
    6. I made them by myself.
    7. I especially like this pair among all pottery I’ve ever made. I like to drink very much. When I drink, it’s essential to transfer Sake from original package to the pottery ware specialized for Sake, then enjoy it.
  • 1. J.C
    2. -
    3. artist
    4. Brussels
    5. Hong Kong
    6. The above was bought in Germany years and years ago.
    7. I use it almost everyday as it's the perfect size mug and "feels" very stable as the bottom is little wider than the top so it gives the feeling that it won't get knocked over by the kids..
  • 1. Kei Kawachi / instagram @kei922pot
    2. -
    3. Potter
    4. Toki, Gifu
    5. Shizuoka
    6. This is a prototype of my new glaze that I compounded last year.
    7. I use this mug and drink coffee everyday. I like the way the white glaze running and the brown dots which is iron contained in the clay come rise to the surface. They just look like choco chip vanilla ice cream. I also have fun observing the progress of "Kan-nyu”, which is fine, colored crackle on the body that becomes visible over use eventually. In other words, I can see this is aging and growing with me.
  • 1. Simone
    2. -
    3. journalist
    4. Basel, Switzerland
    5. Switzerland
    6. my stepsons gave it to me as a present about 8 years ago. It broke and then I got a new one to replace it.
    7. I use it everyday to make Herb tea. I put fresh peppermint, lime tea, verbena, fresh ginger. It makes a nice large portion.
  • 1. Ayumi
    2. Thirties
    3. Office worker
    4. Kyoto
    5. Kyoto
    6. I bought them at Kutaniyaki Pottery Fest in Ishikawa Pref.
    7. I use them frequently to serve bread every morning and I also dish up dinner on them regardless of genre of food.
  • 1. Max Papette
    2. 47
    3. Language Teacher
    4. Nagoya
    5. Venice / Italy
    6. I bought these about ten years ago in New York at a retailer called Crate&Barrel but they're British made
    7. WHEN DO YOU USE IT USUALLY? : I bought a whole range (plates, servers, cups, mugs, saucers) and I've been using them regularly ever since. I love their versatility: any food looks appetising on them!
  • 1. Aya
    2. 29
    3. -
    4. Tokyo
    5. Shizuoka
    6. I have a crush on this bowl at the antique market in Shanghai.
    7. I never fail to use this when I eat raw egg with rice. Usual rice bowls are too small, this is the best size for it. The color of this bowl make the food look more delicious.
  • 1. Vlad
    2. 29
    3. freelancer
    4. Shenzhen, China
    5. USSR
    6. we need to photograph session about japanese food, so the only store in China where I can found a lot of tableware/cultery for reasonable price was in taobao. It's mainly for small self-service restaurants where these tableware used for.
    7. I used it in my office, because it remains hot when put hot water. Drawbacks: it can only serve up to 3 years, because it's plastic.
  • 1. Valdis
    2. 29
    3. scientist
    4. Riga
    5. Latvia
    6. In my laboratory. Joking, I bought it on aliexpress.
    7. I used it in my laboratory and on my kitchen when making brine for food. It's easier to dose of salt using solution.
  • 1. Sumi
    2. --
    3. Architect&Artist
    4. London, UK
    5. Tokyo
    6. My lovely sister-in-law in Japan gave them to me for my birthday present! I love the way they look.
    7. I use them to drink cold sake!
  • 1. Miki
    2. Forties
    3. contract employee
    4. Tokyo
    5. Saitama
    6. At a general store in Kunitachi in my twenties
    7. I change tablewares for the season like changing wardrobe. I use this in autumn and winter, often dish up something green such as boiled broccoli with seaweed dressing or stir fried komatsuna(brassica rapa). It was love at first sight and is the first tableware that I bought by myself when I was still living with my parents.
  • 1. Chanyoko
    2. Thirties
    3. house wife
    4. Tokyo
    5. Yamaguchi
    6. I found them being sold by the local pottery-ware shop at the Sakura festival in Seijo-gakuen-mae last year.
    7. It was love at first sight. I was instantly attracted by this beautiful color and the upright rim which has a good height. It looks great when dish up a small portion of pickles or Sashimi on it.
  • 1. Kagiya
    2. Thirties
    3. Teacher
    4. Gifu
    5. Gifu
    6. I bought this at a pottery ware shop in Dachicho, Toki city, Gifu where is famous for the production of pottery about 4 years ago.
    7. We have lots of pottery ware from Dachi cho, Toki city. Every pottery ware is one and only and I like the rugged outlines of them. This one has rough shape too, and I think it’s the charm. I believe plates can alter the taste of the food on them!
  • 1. Masa
    2. --
    3. Potter
    4. Nagoya
    5. Fukuoka
    6. This is my work, made 5 years ago.
    7. I often serve fried noodles and pasta. I made it easy to use. It's a handy size for most of the food. There're other variations in colors and patterns.
  • 1. zzz
    2. fourties
    3. Sales, Logistics company
    4. Nagoya
    5. Tokyo
    6. My wife made this in the pottery class.
    7. Filling this bowl with my favorite potato salada is my intence desire!!
  • 1. YUKO
    2. thirties
    3. sales assistant
    4. Nagoya
    5. Osaka
    6. at Shikemichi glass gallery in Nagoya, 3 years ago
    7. I’m allergic to alcohol, however I really want to feel the atmosphere of the happy drinking scene, so I always use these glasses for juice instead ! To tell the truth, it should be used for serving ATSUKAN (hot sake). Because I drink cold juice with this glass, the wooden part - the heat protection become meaningless though ! lol Strangely enough, juice taste like alcohol more and more if it's in this glass, and I found it's totally depends on how you fell after all!
  • 1. F cup
    2. Sixties
    3. Homemaker
    4. Kakamigahara, Gifu
    5. Kakamigahara, Gifu
    6. I immediately get to like it and bought at kitchenware shop named “Oribe”.
    7. I use this cup to drink Japanese tea or any drinks. My lips feel very smooth when touch the rim. It’s also very pleasant to hold and feel it with my hands. Thanks to the considerable thickness, it doesn’t get too hot to hold it without a grip. I also like this soft color and I’ll never tired of this look.
  • 1. Jexy Chen
    2. 26
    3. Office worker (IT company)
    4. Guangdong, China
    5. Guangdong, China
    6. I bought it when I moved house in this April
    7. Office workers like me often eat out, but I feel like cooking at home occasionally. Though It's tough to make the elaborate dishes afterwork on my own. So I boil noodle with other ingredients whatever I like and make it in a simple way, then dish up on this bowl that caught my fancy at the first sight. For the finishing, I put a fried egg on the top and just eat. This is a bowlful of relaxing time for me. As this bowl has a generous capacity, the simple supper could be tasty enough for me to dig my head deep into it.
  • 1. elina
    2. Thirties
    3. House wife
    4. Brussels, Belgium
    5. Komaki city, Aichi
    6. In Marrakesh, Morocco around 2014.
    7. I bought two sets of them as a consequence of large discount at a souk of Morocco. They make vivid color vegetables look more fresh, so I serve Cold Chinese Noodles and ethnic food on them.
  • 1. Su
    2. fourties
    3. office worker
    4. Nagoya
    5. Akita
    6. at a import kitchenware-shop in my neighborhood, two years ago
    7. It's an enamelware imported from a country in the Middle East (I don't remember which county it was). I like this because it's my favorite color and somehow there's shabby and vintage feelings even it's new. I dish up simple meal like boiled shrimps or veggies on it when I feel like traveling overseas.
  • 1. Nao
    2. fourties
    3. Inventory service company
    4. Nagoya
    5. Akita
    6. I got this at a general store in Dai Nagoya Building recently. It was just on sale.
    7. I always use this cup for any kind of drinks. It looks like enamel ware but actually it’s ceramic.
  • 1. Wool
    2. thirties
    3. office worker
    4. Yamagata
    5. Tokyo
    6. This is a wedding gift from my friend.
    7. I think this plate is the one which go best with Japanese food! Like "Ginger pork stir-fry", "Teriyaki yellowtail", it has a capacity for making them look even gorgeous.
  • 1. Jorge
    2. age 29
    3. Technical Architect
    4. London
    5. Spain
    6. I got it in May this year and I got it in Tokyo. I got it in Tsukiji.
    7. I was in the fish market and I wanted to have a good memory about Tokyo. I use it when I have Miso soup ( I know this is too large for miso soup).
  • 1. GIN
    2. forties
    3. a house wife
    4. Nagoya Japan
    5. Kanagawa
    6. I bought it in a studio of Nagakute Aichi in around 1999.
    7. It's a just right size for me , I can dish up any kind of food.
    The most favorite reason is that I feel like an oval style plate can make dishes look more delicious.