Yamada Iron Hammered Frying Pan 28cm (11.2 in)

6,800 Yen
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Size : Rim ø 28.5 cm / Bottom ø 21.5 cm / H 5.0 cm / Thickness of the cooking surface 2.3 mm / Handle 27.5cm
(Rim ø 11.2 in / Bottom ø 8.9 in / H 2.0 in / Thickness 0.1 in / Handle 10.8 in)
Weight : 1.8 kg ( 63.5 oz.) 
Material : Hammered Iron
Gas stove : OK / Induction Cook Top : OK
Producer : Yamada Industry
Made in Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref., Japan

(all sizes, weights and capacities are approximate)

/// Before first use ///
We have already burned out the rust preventive paints on the top surface of the frying pan which was coated when the factory shipment,
and then we covered the surface with edible oil so that you can start using it easily after washing it.
To wash off the oil on the frying pan, clean it with a mild detergent and a sponge (use the detergent this time only).
Then place the frying pan over low to medium heat and add about one table spoon of edible oil.
Add vegetable scraps and stir fly for a few minutes.
When the frying pan is seasoned, take the vegetable scraps away.
This frying process is not essential, but we recommend it as it creates the protective coating (seasoning) on the surface and it prevent rust.

/// Daily care ///
The hard, black layer that gives iron pan its shiny finish is called "seasoning" that is formed by the oxidization of fats.
The metal is super porous, so the fats fill in the pores and seal the surface, it means the seasoning prevents the frying pan from rusting and makes it nonstick. In short, the importance lies in how to maintain the seasoning to achieve the best result. Iron is incredibly durable, but the seasoning is much more delicate than the metal itself. In order to protect it, please keep these two things in your mind.

1. Do not overheat till the seasoning is burned out - heating till the smoke rise up is way overheating and unnecessary because iron has excellent thermal conductivity. It most likely happen when you heat it to evaporate the remaining water after using. Please don't leave it unattained.

2. Do not wash too vigorously till you wash out the seasoning. It look greasy a bit even after washing it with water and a brush of natural material. But it's the right status! Avoid using steel wool or other abrasive cleaners (unless you plan on re-seasoning).

Iron should never be soaked in water, and should always be dried thoroughly before storing to prevent rusting. Please heat it to remove the remaining water after using. You might as well wipe with a paper towel dipped in oil to make sure the top surface does not contact with the air.

/// When it rust ///
Scrub off the rust with a steel wool scourer or sandpaper and season it with edible oil again. It can be restored.

/// When it burned ///
Fill the frying pan with water and leave it for a while, then wash it.

/// Induction cook top ///
Due to the rapid heating and large temperature differentials, using induction cook top might lead to a warping and cracking. They can be avoided by preheating your pan gently and also waiting for it to cool down before wash with water.

・The handle is coated with rust preventive paint.

・There might be some part which look slightly different in color and some tiny scratches that are made in the producing process. It has no problem in practical use.
・Though we do our best to accurately depict the items in our shop, please keep in mind that these items are made by hand and by nature and there might be variation in form and color.
・Please keep in mind that every computer monitor displays color a bit differently, so what you see on your computer screen could slightly vary from the items you receive.